Tutorial 1. - Helicopter

This video shows you the most important move of the game. When you got this move, all the next steps will be much easier.
The task is to lift the stick and start playing in the air, while not hitting, but leading the main stick with your handsticks.

Tutorial 2. - One Hand Spinning

In this video, you see and learn how to spin the flowerstick with only one handstick. 
It is a very attractive trick if you can already combine it with some other tricks.

Tutorial 3. - 2 Hands Spinning

I show you how to spin the flowerstick with two handsticks. Quite an easy one, and it is cool when you can already combine it with other tricks.

Tutorial 4. - Throwing

The task is to throw the flowerstick in different ways. You start from the easiest ones, and step by step you will learn how to make the coolest throwing tricks :)

Tutorial 5. - Foot-Game

The task is to play with your foot and the goal is to build attractive foot tricks into your combos.
Surprisingly not hard when you already know the basic moves.

Tutorial 6. - Hand-Game

The task is to play without handsticks while using only your hands, palms and fingers.
The goal is to build hand-tricks into your combos and at the end of the way you will discover that ANY kind of the body can be used for playing :)

Tutorial 7. - The Wave

The task is shortly: TIck-Tack with only one handstick! 
Short after you have learned this trick, a huge gate opens, and you enter a room with full of cool tricks. You will discover, that this is only the beginning, and not the end of the way :)

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