Flowerstick Types


ProfiX is the best flowersticks made ever! All the pieces of set is from unbreakable fiberglass, which makes it possible to play with foot. Handsticks are rigid, while main stick is elastic, which makes the behaviour of the stick the best, and the control perfect. All the 3 sticks of the set has individual, UV-active lively, matching decoration and the main stick has extra white tassels on the ends. All parts of the set is covered with extra tacky silicon cover. wich makes the cohesion and spinning perfect.
ProfiX is recommended for those, who do not want any compromise, but Having the Best!

ProfiX parameters:  
Main Stick: Hand Sticks (2 pcs):  
  • Extra White tassels
  • 50cm  fiberglass shaft (60cm with tassels)
  • 5mm diameter,
  • UV-active, cheerful decoration
  • extra ticky silicon cover
  • 42 cm fiberglass shaft
  • 10mm diameter
  • UV-active, matching color
  • extra ticky silicon cover






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