Flowerstick Types


The main stick is made from 10 cm longer (60cm)  fiberglass, than FiberiX. It has all the properties of FiberiX (cohesion, unbreakle, footplay), but thanks to the lenght the game and the tricks are slower, which also means more safety and less fall. Because of the longer size, it is not recommended for children (6-14 years). Handsticks are from wood, with black color silicone cover.
LongiX is recommended for those who prefer longer size sticks, or just would like to play slower with less falling downs.

LongiX parameters:  
Main Stick: Hand Sticks (2 pcs):  
  • weight: 160g
  • 60cm  fiberglass core (70cm with tassels)
  • 5mm diameter,
  • UV-active, cheerful decoration
  • extra ticky silicon cover
  • 42 cm wood shaft (steamed beech)
  • 10mm diameter
  • black color
  • extra ticky silicon cover






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