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XtremestiX does not produce boomerangs, frisbees, juggling balls, or any kind of amateur, or advanced juggling equipments. Our mission is to make the most professional and easy playable juggling stick on Earth, weather you call it devilstick or flowerstick. Better to know our product is officially flowerstick but many know this as devilstick. We produce only individually decorated, hand-made flowersticks which can be played above 6 years.

Our history goes back to 2003 into a dormitory room in Hungary, when we made our first handmade flowersticks for friends. The need was huge, so after that we started attending on programms and festivals in Hungary.

Until 2009 we were travelling teaching children and making fun in Hungary

Everywhere we used to go, we found many children & adults who were crazy for our sticks and the effects of it.

Anyone who saw how fast his/ her child was improving in their moves wanted to have it at home.

Through these years we improved the nr.1 skill developing juggling stick; whether you call it devilstick or flowerstick. The size, the weight, and all the materials serve one goal, which is to be the most playable devilstick above 6 years.


XtremestiX - Product History

b.c. 3000.  (not XtremestiX J) - thx the stick for Gyuri :) 

The origin of the game has about 5000 years roots until the ancient China, India and Egypt.

Materials: wood, animal leather, stones.

2003 – XtremestiX

Materialswood, used tyre tube, paper

2006 – XtremestiX             

Materials: wood, used tyre tube, UV-active paper

2008 – XtremestiX

Materials: wood, silicone, used tyre tube, UV-active paper

2009 – XtremestiX

Materials: Wood, unbreakable glass fiber, silicone, used tyre tube, UV-active paper

2011 – XtremestiX

Materials: Wood, unbreakable glass fiber, silicone, professional rubber, UV-active paper

2013 – XtremestiX

Materials: Wood, unbreakable glass fiber, extra tacky silicone, professional rubber, UV-active paper, individual design

2015 – XtremestiX

Materials: Wood, unbreakable glass fiber, extra tacky silicone, professional rubber, UV-active paper

2017 – XtremestiX

Materials: Wood, unbreakable glass fiber, extra tacky silicone, professional rubber, UV-active paper, protecting cap on end of handsticks


Until nowadays, we teached for hundreds of thousands the basic of the game, and you can find many thousands of our products from Brazil till South Korea. We love flowerstick not just because it gives fun, but it is also a useful thing for all, who plays with it.

Our definite goal is to familiarize devilstick/ flowerstick with as many interested people as possible and to give the best juggling stick to them forever.

If you have any more questions or feedback about us or about our products, please contact us >>



Our customers said

"Thanks for the fortune, to meet with XtremestiX. This is really an amazing toy, which make not just fun every time, when my son is playing with it, but it also makes better eye-hand coordination, reflexes and concentration. My 9 years old son plays with the sticks every day, and what's more, his classmates are also infected :)" 

- Alice, Strasbourg, French


„XtremestiX team certainly motivate students to juggle! With their impressive skills, their patience, and their progression instruction, they can get children of all ages doing impressive tricks in no time at all. This is a great exercise for concentration, hand-eye coordination, exercise, relaxation and fun. They have visited our school more than once and each time they motivate children to join in.”

- Richard Dyer, Principal, British International School, Budapest


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