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The best flowerstick, made from wood. The stick is rigid and can also break, so foot-tricks are not recommended. Good choice to learn the basics of the game.
FiberiX is an extra strong and specially elastic unbreakable! fiberglass core flowerstick which makes it a perfect set for all playing abilities. From beginners to advanced level will appreciate this set.
LongiX is 10cm longer stick, than FiberiX. All the used materials are the same. The longer size makes the game slower and safer. Not recommended for children. Recommended for those adults, who like slower spinning.
ProfiX is the best flowersticks made ever! All parts of it is made by unbreakable fiberglass, with matching decoration. ProfiX is recommended for those, who do not want any compromise, but having the best.
How to choose Your stick?

All of our products are recommended from 6 until 99 years age. The only exception is LongiX, which is 10cm longer than all the other types, for those, who like slower moves. LongiX is not recommended for children.

The main difference among the types are the used materials (wood or fiberlgass) and the decoration of the set. Materials mean quality differences. Fiberglass sticks (FieberiX, LongiX &ProfiX) are unbreakable, which makes it also possible doing foot-tricks. They are also elastic which moves smother and makes possible to do better ticks.

All of our products are covered with extra soft silicon-tube. It provides long life of the stick and good cohesion, which means quick learning of the game and cool and quick tricks.

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Why choose XtremestiX?

- Lifetime Guarantee!!
- Economic, worldwide shipping
15 years experience! More 10 thousands of produced sticks
- Repeatedly controlled, quality row-materials
- Individual, UV-active decoration, which makes the game uniquely attractive
- Unbreakable and flexible fiberglass, which provides long life for the stick and gives more bounce, smooth play and better tricks
- Specially tacky silicone, which provides the best handling for ever
- Durable, rubber tassel which bears countless drops

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How can I order, and how do I get it?

It is very simple. After You put the chosen stick into basket, You must give your data and the destination address. Here You will see how much your order costs (product price + shipping cost)

When You click OK, You will be send to the PayPal site, where You can pay with Your PayPal account or with Your credit or debit card or you transfer to our bank account.

We Ship Wordwide! In Europe, shipping takes 6-8 days after ordering. In other continents (America, Asia, Africa, Australia) shipping period take 7-14 days.

If it does not arrive until the above mentioned, please contact us, and in 2 days, we inform You about the location of the stick.

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About devilstick and flowerstick – History & benefits

The products you find on this site is officially called flowerstick, but most people know it as devilstick, which word comes from a Greek word (diaballo = throw), which was associated to the word: devil.

The first find of devilstick was found in a 5.000 years old Egyptian grave. It was made from lemon tree, and on the paintings on the grave’s wall were women, playing with them. A longer kind of devilstick can be also be found in the ancient china. They used itt o their dances, and their soldiers played them for relaxation and filling up with energy before fight. The North American Indians also knew it and they decorated them first with colourful tassel, made by skin, and probably they were the first, who made it burn. They did not use it for playing, but as an equipment of their magic ritual. Devilstick was first brought to Europe from China in the end of the 18th century and it’s spread was thanks to the 1960’s ages hippie era. Nowadays flowerstick/ devilstick  is spreading quicker than ever as a skill developing game, relaxation equipment, and sport.

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